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Bund Cleaning

Bund Cleaning

Our highly trained team are available to clean any emergency bund spills.

A bund is used to collect a spill from a leaking container, once a bund is full it is vital this is cleaned before any rain or excess liquid enters the bund. Allowing this to happen will expel the substance onto the main yard area which will then become an environmental hazard.

Once a spill has happened it is important that it is professionally and safely cleaned.


What is a Bund?

A Bund acts as a secondary line of defence to prevent the contents of the tank spilling out into the surrounding environment.

Do I need a bund?

Whilst not necessary it is highly recommended that bunds are used and cleaned regularly.

Is Bund cleaning safe?

Our specialist trained team can safely clean your Bund to a very high standard.

3 million tonnes

of hazardous waste is produced annually in the UK.

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clients across the UK.

100,000 tonne

of waste moved per year by Wastege.

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