Industrial Waste

Industrial Disab Vacuum System

Industrial Disab Vacuum System

Industrial vacuum services

When it comes to industrial vacuum services, Wastege uses only the very best systems from DISAB. As market leaders in the manufacture of high-powered vacuum systems, DISAB machines are designed for the removal of all kinds of dry products from commercial properties, industrial sites and property developments, ensuring clean, tidy and safe environments.

We’ll clean up your premises

We use a powerful DISAB vacuum system with a 4-inch hose attachment to remove and bag up a variety of dry waste, ranging from fine powder to granular materials. The dry products we can remove from your premises include but are not limited to:

  • Dust and powders

  • APCR (ash)

  • Biomass products

  • Animal feed

  • Small detritus

Vacuum waste system applications

Our industrial vacuum services are chosen by a wide variety of clients, particularly those in the following industries and work environments:

  • Agriculture

  • Biomass and energy

  • Building and construction

  • Foundries and steelworks

  • Glass production

  • Manufacturing

  • Paper mills

  • Ports

  • Power stations

  • Quarries and mines

  • Recycling centres

  • Tile factories

  • Wood processing

Confined space waste management

Thanks to Wastege working with a number of trained confined space operators, we can bring our industrial DISAB vacuum system to small, cramped and hard to access spaces. This ensures that every area of your building or site has been cleaned by a skilled professional using the very best industrial vacuum system.

Our service covers confined space cleaning and confined space tank cleaning in all types of environments, from commercial settings to industrial sites and anywhere else you may require the highest standard of industrial vacuum cleaning services.

Book our industrial vacuum services

If you need an industrial vacuum removal service that’s professional, safe, thorough and cost-effective, get in touch with Wastege today on 0800 756 3997 or fill in our contact form.