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Emergency Spill Clean Up

Emergency Spill Clean Up

Wastege Industrial Services completed an emergency spill clean up job last minute for a high profile client.

On Tuesday late afternoon, our client contacted us explaining they had an a spill which needed to be cleaned up as soon as possible. Our team acted quickly to arrange the clean up and were on site first thing the next morning, completing the job and supplying all the required paperwork in an efficient time.

Before our team attended the site it was advised to the client, if safe to do so, to contain the spill to stop it spreading onto other areas of the site. This also made it safer for our team to enter quickly to clear up the spill and safely dispose of any harmful chemicals.

Another successful Industrial Service job completed by the Wastege team.

If your site has a spill, remember these three points:

Communicate - Make sure we know all the details about the spill so we can safely send our staff onto your site.

Controlled- Make sure no unauthorised personnel are in the spill area, ensure that any machinery that may be effected is switched off before our team enter your site.

Contained- Try to contain the spill to one area if it is safe to do so. Call us as soon as you spot the spill, this way our team can clean the effected area as quickly as possible to reduce further problems.

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