21st June 2022

Choose Waste Safes for Compliant Waste Containment and Removal

Choose Waste Safes for Compliant Waste Containment and Removal

The team here at Wastege is dedicated to providing the highest standard of waste removal services. Whatever kind of waste is generated by your business or organisation, we can manage it in a fast, professional, fully compliant and affordable way.

Waste Safes are a particularly popular method of waste management, so we’ve put together some information to help you decide whether they’re the right solution for your commercial premises, industrial facilities or construction site. 


What are Waste Safes?

As the name suggests, Waste Safes are an easy way to keep your waste safely contained prior to removal. These UN-approved containers are designed for the secure and compliant storage of numerous types of waste, including hazardous and non-hazardous varieties. Simply move any waste into the Waste Safe and book its removal either when the container is full or your project is complete.

Robust construction and a lockable lid prevent the waste materials from contaminating your site or coming into contact with people and ecosystems, making Waste Safes a convenient and effective form of temporary and long-term waste management.


We’ll remove it when you’re ready

How quickly the Waste Safe fills up depends on what your business is using it for. Whilst an industrial facility could require multiple Waste Safes at all times for hazardous waste such as oils, chemicals, solvents, cleaning agents and so on, a property developer may only need a single unit for a few days in order to keep unwanted aggregate and timber safely stored away.

Once the Waste Safe is full, simply get in touch with the team here at Wastege and we’ll book in a slot for its removal. If you still need the Waste Safe we’ll bring it back to your premises as soon as it’s empty, or if your project is complete we’ll return it to our site. It really couldn’t be simpler.


Why choose Wastege?

It’s crucial that the transporting and disposal of waste are carried out in line with all current regulations. Incorrect and irresponsible waste removal comes with serious consequences, including hefty fees and potentially even greater punishment. In order to ensure that your commercial or industrial waste is always moved and disposed of in a 100% compliant way, choose Wastege every time.


Other types of waste containers

Whilst our Waste Safes are a highly versatile and very popular method of waste management and removal, we also supply other types of waste containers. Common examples are intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and drums in 60L and 205L capacities. These industrial-grade waste containment solutions are perfect for the storage of solid, semi-solid and liquid waste, which we supply either as a one-off service or as part of an ongoing waste management partnership.

By offering a range of choices, we can be certain that the waste management solution is tailored to your precise needs and provided for a highly competitive price.


Order your Waste Safes today

If you need secure and lockable Waste Safes for the compliant storage and removal of non-hazardous or hazardous waste, get in touch with Wastege today on 0800 756 3997 or fill in our contact form.