Waste Containers

Waste Containers

Waste Containers

Waste containers for all requirements

Whilst we’re always available to supply more basic types of waste containers when required, sometimes they simply won’t be sufficient. That’s why we specialise in matching a wide variety of waste containers to specific projects, ensuring that the container will provide a safe, secure and effective waste management solution for as long as you need it.

Tailored waste management advice

We believe that every customer should receive a personalised service, so we’re dedicated to analysing the types and volumes of waste at your industrial or commercial premises and then advising on the best solution.

To ensure a tailored approach, we have multiple types of waste containers available, such as:

  • 20 cubic yard open containers

  • 30 cubic yard open containers

  • 35 cubic yard open containers

  • 40 cubic yard open containers

  • Waste compaction containers

  • Waste plastic recycling machines

  • Rubbish skips

All of these types of waste containers can be provided either on a short-term basis or as a permanent contract, depending on your unique requirements.

Hook loaders

The large capacity waste containers (between 20 and 40 cubic yards) are a particularly popular method of removing waste. These containers are lifted from a site and transported using a hook loader, which is an 8-wheeler vehicle with the capacity to transport up to 15 tons of waste.

Wastege can provide hook loaders as well as manage the disposal of your rubbish and the swift return of your waste containers if required, making us your go-to waste management specialist.

Waste handling equipment

We can also provide a wide variety of other waste handling equipment either on a rental basis or as a direct purchase for your business. As always, we’ll offer expert advice that will help you to improve how you manage waste on your commercial premises or industrial site, which will keep your business compliant and could also save you time, money and stress.

Our waste handling equipment that’s available to buy or rent includes crushing, shredding and compacting machines that make waste management faster, easier and more sustainable for your business.

Rent or buy waste handling equipment

For the very best waste containers, industrial trash compactors and other waste handling equipment, get in touch with Wastege today on 0800 756 3997 or fill in our contact form.

3 million tonnes of hazardous waste is produced annually in the UK.

Over 1000 clients across the UK.

On average we moved over 100,000 tonne of waste per year.

Free Waste Appointment

If you have a waste problem, you are unsure how to handle our friendly team will arrange a face-to-face appointment at your site. Here we will assess your waste and come up with the best solution for your business.

Local and reliable

As a Hull based company, we can operate around East Yorkshire with a same day service. We pride ourselves in giving a reliable, high-quality service to all our customers no matter the job size.