Hazardous Waste

Transporting Hazardous Waste

Transporting Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste disposal

For a business to collect and transport hazardous waste, it must follow stringent steps in order to remain registered and compliant. These steps include:

  • Registering as a waste carrier through the gov.uk website.

  • Checking parts A and B of the consignment note and the waste being transported before accepting it. This ensures that we can ensure that the waste has been properly classified according to the types of materials and whether they’re hazardous or non-hazardous.

  • The filling in of the consignment note before leaving the site.

  • Leaving a copy of the consignment note with the waste producer or holder (e.g. a commercial business, industrial site or property landlord), as well as keeping two copies for ourselves and the disposal facility.

  • The waste can only be taken to an authorised waste site.

  • Records (known as a register) are then kept on file for at least one year.

By following these steps to the letter, we can guarantee that all types of hazardous waste are properly transported and disposed of on behalf of our customers.

Hazardous waste disposal routes

There are numerous ways that hazardous waste is disposed on within the UK. For instance, liquid waste such as oils, paint and chemicals will take a different disposal route to batteries or pesticides, as all forms of waste need to go through a suitable disposal process. These routes can include treatment, recovery, incineration and landfill, which will be managed by a licensed waste management facility.

When you choose Wastege for hazardous waste disposal, you can rest assured that all of your commercial or industrial waste will be managed through the correct route. We’re sure that the following information will also give you peace of mind that choosing Wastege is the right decision whenever it comes to hazardous waste disposal:

  • We follow all regulations relating to hazardous waste disposal

  • Our vehicles are designed for the safe transportation of hazardous waste

  • All of our drivers are fully trained and experienced

  • You will receive the relevant paperwork (consignment note) for every collection

  • Our process is fully documented, ensuring 100% compliance

Examples of our hazardous waste disposal

The team of waste management specialists at Wastege provide a wide range of services to businesses and property owners in Hull, Beverley, across East Yorkshire and around the UK on a daily basis. Each job is unique and fully tailored to the customer’s requirements, which means that our services can be scaled according to your exact needs.

For example, whilst one team is providing hazardous waste disposal of a single Waste Safe, another team will be clearing large volumes of hazardous waste from industrial premises. One of our largest jobs involved removing 60 tonnes of industrial and chemical waste from a four-acre site, which gives an idea of our hazardous waste removal capabilities.

Book your hazardous waste removal

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  • Wastege Waste Management is a registered waste carrier and ensures the procedure stated is in place to make sure our clients and ourselves are fully compliant.
  • To transport hazardous waste, an operator must be registered with the environment agency as a waste carrier and provide documentation in the form of a consignment note when you collect and transport the waste.
  • In some instances, the driver is required to hold an ADR (Accord European relative au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route).